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      來源:http://www.xysdc.com  點擊次數:    發布時間:2018-10-25
      "Security" in the community has a wrong understanding, it seems that the entrance of enterprises, mostly retired, laid-off workers and rural migrant workers without professional skills in the profession. All these prejudices give us a "common understanding" that there is not much to do about security. It is not surprising that college students do not include security as their career choice.
      In fact, the development of security industry in China over the past 20 years has made the security industry mature. With China's entry into WTO, the market has been fully opened up, competition in the security industry has intensified, the process of security professionalization has accelerated, and the professionalization and intensification of security services require a large number of personnel to join, including senior people who do not have extensive knowledge of science, technology, culture and management. Only in this way can college students apply themselves to their studies and set up a new stage where they can show their talents.
      In addition, the determination of large-scale international competitions, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo security needs to further promote the expansion of the security market, while improving the overall quality and comprehensive ability of security also put forward new requirements, all these make high-knowledge, high-skilled college students in the protection. An industry has its own advantages.
      The professionalization, intensiveness and internationalization of security services require many roles on this new stage. Technical and defense services are installed from the beginning of the alarm to the design and construction of large-scale technical and defense projects. The forthcoming Regulations on the Management of Security Services clearly stipulate that the relevant personnel must have more than professional skills. Academic qualifications provide a career path for students majoring in computer, information and network; Foreign Affairs Security and on-site security of foreign-related activities provide employment opportunities for students majoring in foreign languages; at the same time, existing security companies, if they do not attract talents with high knowledge and skills, will be in the upcoming high. In the period of rapid development opportunities, it can not keep up with the pace of development, lags behind in the fierce market competition, and loses its dominant position in the security market.
      Undergraduates'employment difficulties are also a social problem at present. Rather than queuing up for buses and crowding into the top-notch industries, it is better to consider one's own specialty and expertise and take a ride to security, a rising industry, to break out a career with one's own intelligence and talent so as to develop in an invisible way. Broaden the employment channels for college students.
      In summary, the author thinks that security industry has become a hot industry in this century. If you want to know more about security, visit our website: http://www.shengfengyinshua.com. Thank you for your support.

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